High Speed Handpiece Repair - Ceramic Bearings

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We are exclusively using ceramic bearings on ALL rebuilds - at NO extra charge


What is a Highspeed Turbine Rebuild?

When your handpiece stops working, it is usually because the turbine bearings are shot and need replacement. Our turbine rebuild offers a more economical alternative to replacing the entire turbine every time. We carefully remove the old bearings and any other parts too worn to use. After a thorough cleaning, we install new bearings and O-rings, calibrate and test your handpiece, and return it to you running almost as good as new.


Highspeed Ceramic BearingTurbine Rebuild & New Turbines - Six Month Warranty

    Replace Bearings     New HPX Turbine   
  Midwest Quiet Air, Lever $99.95   $189.00  
  MW Tradition/Lever/PB/Plus+     $99.95/129.95   $229.00  
  Midwest Stylus/Plus+/ATC   $129.95   $229.00  
  Midwest Phoenix/Pro         $129.95   $229.00  
  Star 430 SWL (lubricated) $99.95   $189.00  
  Star 430 LUBE FREE                  $179.00   $259.00  One Year Warranty   
  Kavo 647, 640, 642, 635    $99.95   $199.00  
  Kavo 6000 $99.95   $199.00  
           Kavo 659/4500/6500 $129.95   $229.00  
  Kavo M8700/M8900     $129.95   $229.00  
  Kavo Master/Expert/Smart             $129.95   $229.00                          
  Adec/W&H 96/97/98/LED $99.95   $119.95  
  Lares/CX $99.95   $119.95  
  NSK, Kinetics $99.95   $199.00  
  NSK 9000       $99.95           $199.00  
  Impact Air 45 $99.95   $215.00  
  Push Button Canister Rebuild $89.95  
  Push Button Canister New $149.00  
  Standard Canister $79.95   (3-month warranty)  

When do you need a new turbine?

When the automatic chuck (pushbutton or lever) in your handpiece turbine stops gripping the bur safely you have two options: 

1. You can replace the entire turbine with a new turbine. EIther a turbine that we make ourselves in-house, or a new turbine from the original manufacturer. We have a lot of original manufacturer turbines in stock.   

2. Sometimes we are able to just repair the autochuck and get it to meet factory specifications again. Repairing the autochuck is a separate repair from the bearing replacement with a separate charge, and a separate six month warranty. 

  • New HPX turbines (NOT original manufacturer) Six Month Warranty  -  $189.00 - $229.00
  • New ORIGINAL Manufacturer Turbines - most brands in stock - call for specific model pricing please 

Additional High-Speed Handpiece Services

  • Star, Midwest Fiber Optic Replacement  -  $179.00
  • Kavo Cellular Optic Replacement  -  $249.00
  • Star Body Shell Service  -  $75.00
  • Air/Water Line Clearing, Minor Service  -  $45.00
  • Internal Air/Water Line Replacement  -  $120.00