High Speed Handpiece Maintenance Procedures

Almost all manufacturers are currently recommending that you clean and lubricate the handpiece before every autoclave cycle.

  • Flush or purge the handpiece before removal from the air supply tubing.
  • A brush and warm water may be used to clean the outside of a handpiece before sterilization.
  • Never wash, spray, or immerse any handpiece in cold sterilant or chemical disinfectants. This may damage or corrode some metals.
  • The handpiece turbine should never be removed for cleaning.
  • The quick disconnect connections may be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton applicator. Do not use cold sterilants as they may damage O rings.
  • The fiber optic surfaces may be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol on a cotton applicator.
  • Cleaner/lubricant should be sprayed or dropped ONLY into the drive air tube at the base of the handpiece, which leads to the turbine. The exhaust hole does not connect to the turbine. The drive air tube is the smaller of the two larger tubes, and is usually the shorter one.
  • Always run the handpiece with a bur in place for 20 seconds after lubrication to expel any excess lubricant.
  • Contra angles should be detached and taken apart for lubrication about once a week.
High speed handpiece maintenance procedures