Handpiece Express Testimonials and Reviews

We’ve been repairing dental handpieces for over three decades. Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are beyond happy with our service.

Please read what people say about us. We kind of hate to brag, but these are all actual customers, many from Google.

Great service. Glenn went above and beyond. Very knowledgeable about hand-piece repair and maintenance. Glenn took the time to inspect all of my high speed and low speed hand-pieces, nose cones, and contra-angles. He saved several pieces from being out of service to working ready. I would highly recommend Glenn for your hand-piece repair needs.

Dr. Nancy L. Andree D.D.S.

Glenn and his entire team are fabulous! After being in business for over 15 years, I have learned developing relationships with reliable, trustworthy and dependable people are the keys to success. Handpiece Express is always on their “A” game. They understand how important our handpieces are in the daily operations of our practice and for our patients, and they handle each order with speed and accuracy. It’s good to have good people by your side! Thank you Glenn and the Handpiece Express Team!

Mary Anne Baysac

Glenn’s team has it all: expertise, integrity, an old-fashioned work ethic, and an attitude of genuine service. And they are so easy to do business with! Thanks Glenn and Handpiece Express!

Gary Lippincott

Glenn and Lori and their assistants have been doing dental handpiece repairs for us here at Protech Biomedical since November 2010 (9 years now.) When we have an issue or question with any equipment that we can’t fix we can always count on them for great quality of repairs, reasonable prices, quick turn around and honesty if they find no repairs needed for anything sent that we ourselves had a question about. Glenn and Lori are very personable to work with. I’ve not met them in person but spoken with them by phone on numerous occasions and consider them and their assistants as well great business friends. There are many dental handpiece repair companies out there–but for me and my company they are #1 in my book! Love you guys!!

Rikki Palone

Glenn and Handpiece Express are WITHOUT PEER when it comes to expertise, schedule, quality, true caring, and and and attitude of sincere kindness. Over a 40 year career so far I have used numerous handpiece repairmen. After discovering Glenn about 20 years ago, I use Glenn and no one else…period!
Glenn is beyond 5 stars…he is the quintessential “Milky Way of Hanpiece Repair”.

Richard Jergensen

Handpiece Express is the best! Fantastic customer service. Two of my slow-speed handpiece motors went out at the same time leaving me with only one. Ugh! Let me just say I was freaking out a bit. Sent into Handpiece Express and they fixed and got them back to me ASAP! Life savers!

Brandy VanDorsten

Great service and Great people!!!! They will forever have our business!!

Melissa Eastwood

Just wanted to comment on how pleased we are with Handpiece Express. We’ve used them for repairs for many years. Glenn is very knowledgeable and accessible, even for the smallest types of repairs. Customer service is top notch!

James Friedman

I have been a very satisfied customer since approximately 1994. Your repairs have always been of the highest quality. If there has been a warranty issue (and there seldom has been) it was always attended to in a professional and expedient manner. I will continue to use your service as long as I am in practice. Thank you again for the great service!

Robert C. Golden

Whenever I need my handpieces serviced I know I can rely on Glenn Williams at Handpiece Express. I’ve used Glenn for over ten years. If any handpiece requires more work than routine maintenance I receive a call from Glenn to review the issues and the corresponding charges, and turn around time is typically just a few days. When my handpieces return, I am confident they will perform as well as the the day I bought them from the manufacturer.

Eric S. Citron

Glenn, you and your staff are awesome! Thank you for coming out to the center just to see how we were doing. I really appreciate that you didn’t try to sell me something, or take any of my time for anything other than handpiece servicing. You saw how busy we were and respected that, thank you. As a customer since 1994 when you and Lori first started, I appreciate you keeping your business limited to handpiece repair, and I value the professionalism that you extend to the dental community. Thanks again for your years of honest and consistent hard work. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Rhonda Ocequera

I have been using Handpiece Express for over 10 years and could not be more pleased. The quality of the work and the fast turnaround time is beyond any place I have tried in the past. What I mostly appreciate about your service is the personalization that comes with it. Although we have never socialized much I feel you are a good friend. You are interested in my business and family, and you share with us what is going on in your life. I see you at the conventions (when I drop by to have same day repair of my handpieces) treating everyone with warmth and concern. It is a pleasure to do business with you Glenn, as you exude integrity and honesty.

Adrian Fenderson

When I needed to send 2 electric handpieces in for factory reconditioning, Handpiece Express set me up with 2 loaner 25LPA’s to use until I got mine back from Kavo. We don’t have that many electrics, so having the use of your loaners kept our office running smoothly.

Greg Larson